Board Meeting FY15 Fall

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The Region Board will meet at ABX at 9:00 am on Thursday, October 30th. Board Members are also expected to attend the BIM/Omniclass dinner meeting on Wednesday, October 29th at 5:30 pm.

Agenda will be posted when available.

Board members should submit their reports and recommendations to the Region Secretary as soon as possible so that they may be posted here.

Report format can be found here: Leadership/Board-of-Directors Page

Please review the DRAFT MINUTES from the Summer Meeting so that you are prepared to comment and approve quickly. If at all possible, submit comments to the Region Secretary ahead of time to be incorporated and distributed.

Please review all Recommendations and Director's Reports posted below prior to coming to the meeting so that our time can be spent on an informed discussion of issues affecting the region, our members and our chapters.
Board Members attending the meeting will be reimbursed for registration fee for Wednesday night's BIM/Omniclass dinner meeting ($30 member rate - register through, travel (economy airfare or round trip mileage - whichever is less) and one night's hotel room at the Hampton Inn Boston Crosstown Center (at the ABX advance rate.) If you have not already made your reservation, do so IMMEDIATELY.

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