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Blowing up THE BRIDGE

The old model of communicating region activities by means of an intermittent newsletter is outdated and inefficient. So its being replaced. We're blowing up The Bridge.

In its place we will be using the N E W S  tab featured on the Region's home page, the various other features of the site and direct communication with chapter newsletter editors to get the word out.

The Northeast Region CSI Group forum on LinkedIn will give us a means of discussion and feedback until the Institute turns on the blog features within the website.

As a committee, we'll be looking at our mandate and focusing on communication rather than publication to serve the interests of the Northeast Region membership.

If this works you may find me as happy as a guy sinking a 48 foot birdie putt at a CSI Golf Tournament.

The purpose and responsibilities of the Publications Committee is to: 

·         Develop programs to improve chapter communications and publications including newsletters and rosters. In the past this included publications of “The Bridge” newsletter.

·         Act as central clearing house to obtain and disseminate informative articles, news of Region importance and regional affairs.  

·         Arrange for the interchange of chapter publications between all chapters of the Region.  Click here to view the "Chapter Editor's Guide".

·         Make recommendations for the Region Newsletter Award in accordance with the Region Awards Guide. 

·         Other duties as defined by the Board.

Click here to view contact information for all NER Committees.  Please contact the Publications Committee Chairperson with any questions and recommendations, or to offer your support!

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