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The Purpose and responsibilities of the Planning Committee is to:  

·         Formulate, evaluate, and update goals and objectives for consideration by the Board.

·         Develop a long range planning program to promote growth of Region Programs.  

·         Update the Region Strategic Plan at 5-year intervals or more frequently if directed by the Board.  Click here to view the CSI Institute Strategic Plan.

·         Make recommendations to the Board on actions necessary to implement the "Goals and Objectives" listed in the current Region Strategic Plan.  

·         Annually plan and organize a series of Chapter Leadership Workshops covering all chapters in the Region. These workshops are to provide opportunities for Region and Chapter Leadership Training and exchange of "Best Practices" between Chapters.   

·         Other duties as defined by the Board.

Click here to view contact information for all NER Committees.  Please contact the Planning Committee Chairperson with any questions and recommendations, or to offer your support!

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