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The responsibilities of the Nominating Committee are defined by Institute and Region By-Laws:

·         Nomination of candidates for election to Institute Director from the NE Region.

·         Nomination of candidates for election to positions as Region Officers. 

·         Identify Members having potential to serve in Region Leadership positions.

The Northeast Region Secretary is the Chair of the Nominating Committee. The committee is comprised of one appointed member from each of the 15 chapters of the region.

Please contact the Nominating Committee Chair with any questions and recommendations, or if you are interested in serving as a CSI officer on a Region or National level.

Serving as a CSI leader provides an experience of leadership at a region or national level, with all the inherent benefits for personal growth and networking involved in leading and performing the fiduciary responsibilities of overseeing a significant non-profit corporation. While serving is a volunteer activity with no financial compensation, there are budget allocations to reimburse travel and incidental expenses.

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