Northeast Region CSI Outstanding Chapter Incentive

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The membership committee considers one of the most effective ways of boosting membership is to have active functioning chapters. The Institute uses the Outstanding Chapter Commendation to recognize chapters that actively pursuing the goals of CSI. In 2013, the Region Board adopted a recommendation put forth by the Membership Committee to provide an incentive to chapters to increase their activity. The Outstanding Chapter format is used to measure performance to award the incentives.

In order to enable all chapters to participate in the process, there are two incentive categories. First, the Outstanding Chapter Incentive (OCI). This is based on the highest scores achieved on the OCI form. Two of these will be given. One to the highest scoring large chapter and one to the highest scoring small chapter.  Second is the Most Improved Chapter Incentive (MICI). This is given for improvement in the OCI score for small chapters from the prior year.

For this year's awards, chapters are asked to submit the form for both FY12 and FY13 so that here is a baseline for calculating the MICI.

The first place incentives are $1000 for the OCI and $1000, $700, and $300 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the MCI. The real prize in this program is when chapters review the categories of activities on the Outstanding Chapter Commendation form and realize where they can improve activity and service to our membership.

You'll find the forms below.  Questions should be directed to:
            Edward Healy, FCSI, Emeritus, CDT, RA
            NER Membership Committee Incentive Facilitator (NERMCIF)

Copy to
            Kenneth Raikowski, AHC, CSI NER
            NE Region MemCom Chair

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