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There is no question that joining a professional organization is key for career advancement. The only question is: "Which one?" Within the construction industry, the choice is clear. The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is the premier integrating force for the entire spectrum of professionals that create and sustain the built environment. No other organization brings all construction disciplines to the same table.

The purpose of the Committee are to promote membership in CSI.
The committee engages in the following tasks to meet its goals:
Assist chapters in setting up programs to find new members
Develop programs to get new members involved
Track members status and participation of members
Identify non-renewed members and maintain contact.
Advise chapters of membership awareness programs available from the Institute.

The current chair of the Membership Committee is Andrea Dinice
Please contact her with any questions and recommendations, or to offer your support

Here is a message from the former Membership Committee Chair:

Here you are on the Membership page of the NER website and, on the assumption that you intended to get here and didn’t just click on the wrong link, I’m going to try and help out. I’m Edward M. Healy, RA, CSI, CDT and I currently wear the hat of the NE Region Vice President so you should get some helpful information.  Of course I am also Ol’ Argyle and I shamelessly promote AUDACITY in all areas of CSI so you may get something quite different. 


First, if you’re here as a visitor, I need to tell you that you’ll get much more out of CSI by becoming a member… and even more if you become an involved member.  If you doubt me, just visit your nearest chapter and meet some of the knowledgeable people engaged in all construction areas networking to improve the built environment. CSI’s tagline is Knowledge for Creating and Sustaining the Built Environment. If you are the go getter I hope you are that ought to resonate with you just a bit. The site is new and evolving and right now we’re a little light on membership information but you can find out all you need to know on and follow the instructions.


Since 1968, when I joined CSI as a charter member of the Worcester County Chapter, I have learned many things from the individuals I met participating in CSI. When I first joined I took good information from the experienced CSI members. I took technical information, I took advice and I took notice of leadership styles.  As I became more experienced, I was able to use all that I took and, with the chapter as a workshop, build my technical background and practice those leadership skills in CSI for my professional and personal benefit. I’m now at an age when I’m comfortable being known as Ol’ Argyle and, with AUDACITY as a driver, I’m looking to give what I can to CSI and its members as payback.


Young, old or in between I recommend CSI membership to anyone involved in construction as a life broadening experience.  But, I have to tell you, CSI membership is a little like medication. It may not work if you don’t take it as directed, so Ol’ Argyle suggests to receive maximum benefit from CSI membership … Get involved!

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