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verb: communicate
•    Share or exchange information, news, or ideas.
verb: collaborate
•    Work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.

This past May the Northeast Region held a brainstorming session at our conference in Williamstown, MA to determine who we are and what purpose we serve.  The outcome of that session was the adoption of a new region mission statement:

“Build strong chapters through communication and collaboration”

Communicate & collaborate, two simple words that I envision as the starting point for re-energizing the Northeast Region.

Over the next year the region will be working, in conjunction with the local chapters, to develop ways to improve communication between the region and the chapters and from chapter to chapter.

Not every chapter has a full complement of committees that mirror either the national or regional structure.  We initially need to find ways to share resources so smaller chapters with less volunteers can rely either on the region or neighboring chapters to support the function of the non-chapter supported committees.

As I start my region chapter visits I look forwarded to hearing your ideas on how we can better communicate & collaborate.  All ideas are welcome and appreciated as we move forward.

In order for me to better communicate with the membership of the region I have set up a dedicated e-mail address for all Region correspondence.  Send me your suggestions, ideas, criticisms, etc. to

I look forward to visiting as many chapters as my schedule will allow & spending time with you to hear your thoughts on CSI as a whole, the Northeast Region and your local chapter. Also, if you plan on being in St. Louis for Construct 2015 make sure you join us at the Northeast Region Caucus.

Kenneth Raikowski, AHC, CSI
President - Northeast Region CSI
August 2015

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