The Search is ON!

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The Search is ON!

Our Institute Director from the Northeast Region, Denis Lemieux, completes his term of office in June. The process of replacing him includes the Region Nominating Committee identifying nominees by November 1st and election by ballot of all the members in February. The newly elected Director's term will begin July 1, 2014 and end June 30, 2016.

The Institute Director from the Northeast is one member of an eighteen person board that shapes the direction of our Institute, and by extension the progress of our industry. There are six officers (Pres., Pres-elect, two VP's, Sec. & Treas.), two Directors-at-large and one Director from each of the ten Regions. The Director position provides an experience of leadership at a national level, with all the inherent benefits for personal growth and networking, and the fiduciary responsibilities of overseeing a national non-profit corporation.

Fulfilling those responsibilities requires 6 or 7 trips a year, usually on weekends, to board and committee meetings, region conferences and the annual convention. The time commitment between the meetings themselves and preparatory work is approximately 200 hours a year.  While it is a volunteer position with no financial compensation, there is a budget allocation to reimburse travel expenses.

So there are two tasks for chapter leaders.

First is to appoint a member of your chapter to be your voice on the NE Region's Nominating Committee and notify Cliff Marvin, the Region Secretary of the appointment. That person is your vote as to who will end up being a nominee. This can be your president or your region director or any other member of your chapter. It is up to your chapter to appoint someone to be your voice.

The second task is to help your representative identify potential nominees from within your chapter.  See if the people who you think are true leaders in this organization are interested in taking on this opportunity to shape the future of CSI.

The clock is ticking so don't put this off. Our members deserve the best leaders on the national level.  Let's find the right person to represent the Northeast Region on CSI's Board.

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