Northeast Region Chapters recognized at Institute Convention

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CSI's Honors and Awards were presented on September 27, 2013 at the 57th Annual Convention held in Nashville, Tennessee.

Institute Communications Award: The Worcester Chapter Newsletter, "The Original Audacious WorcesterShare Source" is recognized for informing local chapter members of what is happening in the chapter and construction industry and providing a food mix of technical and educational information, with the prime goal of presenting infomation ina clear and organized manner as well as bringing interesting information to readers.  Roland Barrett, the Worcester CSI Editor (and Chapter President) is the first person holding an award plaque on the left.

Outstanding Chapter Commendations
were presented to the Boston Chapter, the Metro New York Chapter and the Worcester County Chapter.  This award is presented to a chartered chapter that meets the designated pre-requisite core and supplemental criteria. The plaques are being held (left to right) by Ted Healy from Worcester, Bill DuBois from Metro NY and Tracey Powell from Boston. (We'd have a better picture of Tracey if it weren't for the bald headed photographer.)

Congratulations also go to the Hartford Chapter which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year.

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