Northeast Region Board Flash - November 2013

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The Board of Directors of the NE Region CSI met in Rochester on November 12, 2013.

There was a quorum with all four officers and 10 of the 15 directors present.

Minutes from the August "Virtual" Board Meeting were accepted as written.

Treasurer Kevin Phillips reported the Region to be in sound financial condition. The Audit Task Team gave its report indicating the FY13 Audit had been performed. The Treasurer's reports were found to accurately reflect the condition of the Region.

The Finance Committee is fully staffed and is working on four issues:
1.     Adjusting the means of allocating chapter assessments so that it reflects a chapter’s membership rather than the Institute's zip code report.
2.     Create a Region policy to target how much the region reserves should be.
3.     Consider the appropriate amount of Region dues and impact of potential Region Allocation Program (RAP) changes by the Institute.
4.     Develop the Region budget for FY15.

The Board approved a resolution to fund the distribution of the Institute recommended reference "The End of Membership As We Know It" to leaders around the region.

The Board voted down a resolution proposed by the Awards Committee to expand on the criteria for submission of nominations for the Distinguished Service Award.

The goals for region activity for the year include:
1     Bridge the gap between ‘experienced’ and ‘emerging’ professionals, through a Mentor Program.
2     Energize current (and potential) members, during educational (and fun!) Region Conferences
3     Improve member diversity and recruitment, by collaborating with Affiliate Organizations
4     Enhance NER’s digital presence, through Electronic Communications Policies and procedures
5     Gather candid feedback from leaders/members, by visiting ALL 15 NER Chapters  before July 2014

President Tracey Powell will be visiting all 15 chapters of the region during the year.

The Region Board will combine its Spring meeting with a Hartford/Housatonic Chapter joint event.  The FY 15 Fall Region Board Meeting will be held in conjunction with ABX and the Boston Chapter.  There will also be an additional winter virtual meeting and a summer virtual meeting.
The FY 15 Region Conference will be held May 14 to 16 in Williamstown, MA hosted by the Worcester Chapter. Program will be entitled "The Art of Sustainability". Technical programs will focus on a case study of the LEED Silver campus redevelopment of the Clark Art Institute.

A host for the FY 16 Conference needs to be identified.

The Nominating Committee has met and identified Bill Charland and Bill DuBois as candidates for Institute Director from the Northeast Region. All members are urged to get out and VOTE FOR BILL when the Institute ballot is distributed in February.  Between now and March, the Nominating Committee will be conducting its search for candidates for Region Vice President and Region Treasurer.

Vice President Brian Neely updated the board on the Liaison Assignments for directors. As Liaison, directors are expected to ensure committees are actively pursuing the goals of the Region:
1.     Contact the Chair
2.     Discuss Responsibilities & Goals
3.     Participate in Committee Activities and Meetings
4.     Identify Future Co-Chairs
5.     Report to the NER Board
The full list of liaison assignments is included in the Vice President's report.

The Membership Committee does not anticipate continuing the OCC/MIC incentive programs due to limited chapter response.

The Board adjourned to join the workshops aimed at "Putting the Next Generation in the Driver's Seat".

Note: This is an overview of the activities at the Board Meeting. Official minutes will be produced by the Region Secretary.

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