Institute Update

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CSI - Institute Update

Presented by Bill DuBois to the atttendees at the NE Region Conference May 2015

Your Institute Board has adopted a 3-5 year Plan for being true to our mission while staying in budget.
-    The Mission of CSI is to advance building information management and educate project teams to improve facility performance.
-    CSI is an association dedicated to improving organization, management, and communication of building information through:
    o     A diversified membership base of allied professionals involved in the creation and management of the build environment.
    o     Continuous development and transformation of standards and formats
    o     Education and certification of professionals to improve project delivery processes
    o     Creation of practice tools to assist users throughout the facility life-cycle.

Your Board is working to keep staff clearly directed. The number of staff have been cut to a minimum. Our personnel have been putting in extra effort to keep programs running.
    Our database conversion is underway to improve information management and reporting.
    CSI is transforming into an Education Focused organization.
    A search is underway for a new Executive Director.

CSI has been operating on a deficit budget. The Board has tasked the Finance Committee to achieve a balanced budget FY16. All activities are under review to determine those critical to our mission.

CSI activities and initiatives fall into four categories: Education, Membership, Technical and Certification
-    Education of project teams is at the heart of everything we do. CSI is formulating rubrics that will underlie all programming.
-    Membership Model FY18: Focus on people, not on billing them.
-    Technical: Masterformat is the present - Omniclass is the future as design moves from CAD to BIM and tools are needed for construction professionals to operate in a data driven industry.
-    Certification: Looking at evolving the CDT program to meet industry recognized certification criteria.

The evolution of the Institute programs will impact chapters, their leaders and members. The Institute's Leadership Team will focus on making sure chapters get the training and support to clearly understand their role and participate.

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