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NE Region OCI & MICI Submissions

In Spring of 2012, the Region Membership Committee presented a recommendation to the board to fund an incentive program rewarding chapters for implementing best practices and improving chapter performance. To give a rational means of scoring the award, the Institute's Outstanding Chapter Commendation award criteria was used as the model. The Board approved and funded the recommendation and the OCI (Outstanding Chapter Incentive) and the MICI (Most Improved Chapter Incentive) were created.

The submission deadline has now passed on the first year of the program. The NE Region Membership Committee can report it received submissions by September 30th from the Chapters listed below. Those submissions will be evaluated by the Membership Committee and awards will be made at the NE Region Conference in Rochester in November.

 Buffalo, Long Island, Syracuse, and Worcester County

 If your chapter made a timely submission and is not included in the list, please forward a full copy with complete header date detail to Ken Raikowski and Ted Healy immediately to be included in the evaluation.


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