Deadline for Awards Nominations Announced

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In a release to all chapter presidents and chapter awards chairs, the Chair of the Awards Committee - Jim Grucella announced the October 19 deadline.  Here's what  The Candyman said:

"Our Conference is in Rochester, New York this year, coinciding with their most excellent CSI Trade Show on Wednesday, November 13th 2013!  Our Region Awards Dinner will be on Tuesday evening, the 12th!

Uh Oh!

Doesn't leave us any time at all to put together our Region awards for this year...............but you know we are from the Northeast and can do almost anything! Sandy, Floyd, Nor'easter's that I can't remember the names, Surprise October storms, blizzards, droughts................. so what is a little time crunch to us.....especially the awards committee!
Please begin considering your awards for this past year, FY 2013. Dust off the Awards Guide and start to think of that deserving member who has benefitted your chapter and the Northeast Region with their expertise.  I will, contrary to Ann's advice, accept nominations until October 19th.
Come to Rochester...........You will not be disappointed."

Go to the NE Region Awards Committee Page to find out more.

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